Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eight Sentence Sunday WeWriWa

Today, I wanted to do something a bit different. I have shared with you from two of my historical romance novels, A Heart on Hold and the forthcoming A Heart at Home. I have shared Chunky Sugars with you, as well as The ABC's of Oklahoma Plants and we even discovered pink bluebonnets and their folkloric legend in my forthcoming The ABC's of Texas Plants.

Now, the time has come to introduce you to my family. Here is a poem I wrote when my son, then 5, rode his first bull at an area rodeo. Rest assured, they were mini-bulls and the only riders were children 4 and up.

Here are seven stanzas for my contribution this week for the awesome group at WeWriWa!

The Bull rider's Mommy
You told me once,
in your voice so sweet,
you wanted to be a cowboy,
and I thought, how neat!

"Not just a cowboy,"
you assured me right quick,
"I want to ride bulls!"
Mommy's stomach went sick.

But your time finally came
and we were rodeo bound.
On the back of a young Brahama,
your heartsong was found.

All emotions were a go-
Fear, terror, and dread!
They combined as you prepped,
adding gray hairs to my head.

Our excitement built up
as Daddy lowered you down,
then you blew out of the chute,
with the bull spinning around!

One and a half seconds later,
you dashed to the gate.
Your eyes big as saucers,
your smile was so great!

"Did you like it?  Did you love it?"
"Mom, that was so cool!"
I guess it's time now,
to look into bull riding school.


  1. Oh, mom, bless your heart for letting him do it. I'd of been terrified too. Heck, I was terrified every time my husband pushed Claire on her monkey swing and those little feet went high enough they were even with the roofline of the metal shop building. The things we do for out children.

    1. Thanks for stopping by India! Yes, children are by far he scariest of all adventures hehe I was the same way with the swings!!!

  2. Sara, this is delightful. And what happened next? Thanks for sharing a wonderful time in your son's life.

    1. Hey Charmaine! We never did bull riding lessons ... maybe someday! Now he is in piano and he wants to do fencing!!

  3. I remember it well! Great 8 poem. =)

  4. Enjoyed the poem, admire you for letting him try his dream at such a young age!

    1. Thank you, Veronica! Yes, we were really back and forth about letting him do it or not but he is a very insistent child. When he wants something, he wants it to the moon and back with all his little being and I am not going to be the one to shy him away from adventure! :-)

  5. Great poem. I can well imagine the fear and that sick feeling.

    1. Thank you, Kate! I still get it when each of these kiddos try something new LOL

  6. I was upset because my eight year old grandson wants to be a wrestler! What's a mom or grandma to do excerpt support them? I wish i could write poetry.

    1. Happy Easter, Elaine! Oh my, yes these contact sport dreams are scary LOL He wants to be a bull rider, soldier-daddy, pilot, and oh ... doctor ... I can't remember all LOL For now, I'll just keep him as my silly little man!

  7. Replies
    1. yes it was. and honestly, that boy has been terrifying me since the day he was born, so I guess it is kind of to be expected LOL

  8. Cute poem. Are you thinking, can't he just pick softball? :)I do so love when a child goes outside the norm to follow something he/she truly loves. Good for him!

    1. YES! I think I may have even offered (bribed?) that the days leading up to the rodeo LOL But he did it now he has moved onto fencing!!

  9. Love it! As as my farm kids grow more and more adventurous, I can feel the very heart of this.


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