Sunday, March 17, 2013

Behind the Scenes ...of A Heart on Hold

Where is your book set and why did you choose that place?

A Heart on Hold (An Everlasting Heart, #1) begins in Arkansas just before the outbreak of the Civil War. Charlotte Adamsland and her long time love, Sanderson Redding, are just recently reunited until she learns he's enlisted for the Cause, and is certain to be swept away from her once again. As the story unfolds, Charlotte is forced to continue her life in Arkansas while the Army takes Sanderson to various Civil War battlefields before he finally winds up at Alton Confederate Prison in Illinois. I chose these particular places based on the life of real-person Confederate Captain E.A. Adams, who hailed from Arkansas, was commander of the unit Sanderson finds himself in, and who also did time at Alton. Unlike Sanderson, Captain E. A. Adams never made it out of Alton, dying there just three days before Appomattox.

How do the temperature, terrain and other factors inform the story?

Since this story is set in the 19th century, lots of outdoors are involved so temperature and terrain are always an issue. Also, since a prison break is involved, temperature and terrain can either be to an advantage or a severe disadvantage ... or a little of both.

What would change if your book were set somewhere else?

As the An Everlasting Heart series progresses, so does the setting and landscape. Charlotte and Sanderson find themselves as far east as the thick, humid woods of Kentucky hunting notorious Outlaw William "Bloody Bill" Quantrill (A Heart Broken, An Everlasting Heart #2) and on the trail to California battling nature, renegade Indians, and bloodthirsty Army units (A Heart at Home, An Everlasting Heart #3). Who knows what book 4, A Heart Forever Wild will bring!

How is this setting different from ones in your past books?

This is my first series of historical romance books, though I have another Amish romance that is also set during the 19th century. I also have two kids books out, many more in review with my publisher, and an 18th century Scottish romance in the works!

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