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Awesome Author Elyse Salpeter

Join me in welcoming Awesome Author Elyse Salpeter to my blog today!
Today we're celebrating her debut novel, Flying to the Light! And just in time! The sequel, Flying to the Fire releases in March! Whoo hoo!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Updates, updates, everywhere! Updates, updates, in my hair!

The next installment of The Bank Robber's Lament is finally up .. as well as a little update on Drill Sergeant Hubby's recent knee surgery!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

8 sentence Sunday, back again!

Welcome back to Sanderson's saga in the wilderness, taken from book 3 of An Everlasting Heart series, A Heart at Home.
To set the scene, former Confederate Captain and POW Sanderson Redding, in the company of his pregnant wife Charlotte, was traveling the trail from Arkansas to California when he was forced to leave Charlotte at a camp of friendly Paiutes while he had to go negotiate the release of two hostages from a nearby renegade band of Paiutes. As Sanderson is trying to figure out how to go about negotiations with no men in camp, the Cavalry attacks ...

“It was just going to be women and children in camp,” Sanderson mused as Heart That Cries, Knocks Down, and Strawberry Moon meandered over to where he and Cotton stood on the battlefield. He rested a hand on the youngster's onyx head. “It was pure luck that the chief was here ... and that’s thanks to you, Cotton.”

The lad raised his weepy sky-blue eyes and sniffled. “Thanks to me?” 

Sanderson nodded. “For carving so many Q's in the Chief's war lance that it broke and he had to come back to camp." Cotton glanced at Chief Knocks Down, who still sat tall and proud atop his spotted pony.


Catch up on Sanderson and Charlotte's adventures through An Everlasting Heart series, starting with book 1, A Heart on Hold. After receiving word that Sanderson was killed during a botched escape from a Confederate prison in Illinois, Charlotte wastes no time in heading north through a war-ravaged country with only her faith in God and her beloved horse to bring her Sanderson home -- one way or another.

A Heart Broken, An Everlasting Heart #2
The war is over, Sanderson is home, and life is good ... until the Army comes knocking. They've charged Sanderson with murder and sentenced him to track down the notorious outlaw William Quantrill -- or face the hangman's noose. Meanwhile, Charlotte is left alone to endure a complicated pregnancy and battle a rash of hydrophobia that threatens Cotton, Achilles, and the entire countryside -- her Sanderson included.

 A Heart at Home An Everlasting Heart #3
Gold. Massacres. Soldiers. Indians. Can Charlotte survive life on the trail or will the wildness of the west tear her family apart?
With Sanderson's job as an Indian Agent beckoning from California, Charlotte must leave behind her life in Arkansas to follow the man she loves, and whose child she is carrying, in search of a place they can call home.
 From Quanah Parker to Wyatt Earp, Charlotte and Sanderson rub shoulders with some of the American West’s most notable characters as they stumble into Government conspiracies, endure a hard pregnancy, and survive nature’s fury -- all while struggling to remember what truly makes a home is love.  
 ***COMING JUNE 2013***
Be sure to check out some more work by Sara Barnard, including her Amazon bestselling children's nature book, The ABC's of Oklahoma Plants and her consistently 5-star rated debut picture book, Chunky Sugars.

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8 sentence snippet


Welcome! We are still following along with Sanderson as he finds himself under a Cavalry attack in a Northern Paiute Indian camp in book 3 of An Everlasting Heart series, A Heart at Home. To catch up on all of Sanderson's adventures with his beloved Charlotte, check out books 1 and 2, A Heart on Hold and A Heart Broken.

Strawberry Moon held his hand in front of him and sliced it quickly outward. I think that means it’s good. Sanderson returned the motion.

Their bullets spent, what was left of the soldiers retreated over the hill. There had only been a handful of them, anyway.

Heart That Cries and Cotton emerged from their hiding place, followed by several women. Cotton broke free of his mother’s grasp and dashed to Sanderson, clinging to his leg. Sanderson could tell the youngster was crying.
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Awesome Author Tiffany A. White

Come on over to my Awesome Author page and meet author and fellow West Texas gal Tiffany A. White!

Today, we're investigating her debut YA mystery Football Sweetheart, the first in a series!!

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Goodreads Book Giveaway of A HEART BROKEN (An Everlasting Heart, #2)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Heart Broken by Sara Barnard

A Heart Broken

by Sara Barnard

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Hey there! I have another giveaway going on over at Goodreads.com!

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Eight Sentences, Better Late than Never!!

In these 8 sentences, we find ourselves in a Northern Paiute Indian camp with Sanderson, who had come to negotiate the release of some white hostages, only to find the menfolk gone on a hunt and the camp full of women and children.  No sooner does he make this discovery. than the hoofbeats of the Cavalry soldiers draw his attention to the ridge. The hulking Strawberry Moon is his captor.
Burning bile rose into Sanderson’s throat as the soldier reined his horse toward the wolf's den. Before the mother, who had risked her own life to save her pups, could reach shelter, the young soldier had his pistol drawn. Sanderson looked away as the familiar sound of the discharged weapon echoed off the rocks.

The yell from behind him sounded somehow disconnected as Sanderson turned, in slow motion, to investigate. A soldier was charging, musket at ready, straight at him. Sanderson patted his sides again, still not finding any means of self-defense. Strawberry Moon’s roar boomed from behind him as he unleashed his lance. It found its mark in the soldier – who would have been Sanderson’s undoing – straight through the gut.

Excerpt from Book 3 of An Everlasting Heart series, A HEART AT HOME, coming from 5 Prince Books, June 2013.

Want to catch up on Sanderson's saga, which began in Arkansas during the Civil War?
Book one, A Heart on Hold is available in both print and digital formats! And so is book two, A Heart Broken!
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Awesome Author Christine Steendam

Hey y'all!  Click on over to the Awesome Authors page and check out Christine Steendam and her debut release, Heart like an Ocean! 

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Goodbye yellow brick Drill Sergeant ... or something.

Okay, it's too early to think up a fun and snappy title. Yesterday was Drill Sergeant Hubby's last day on what they call "The Trail". He hung in there long enough to phase them over to white phase, which means the PVTS re doing as well as can be expected and moving up, one step closer to graduation. He even left his hat on his desk in his office.

Here we are now, almost 6 am the following day and he is already gone again. This time though, I'm going too, at least as soon as the kids are in school. Today is the day of his knee surgery for a possible fracture in his kneecap or something and a complete lack of cartilage. It happens even before I can get everyone off to school, but I'll be there when he wakes up.

As for now, I promised my little Moon Princess that I'd make her some more awesome Amish cinnamon rolls and those suckers take awhile for us lay folk!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Author Doug Simpon on the air and taking calls!

Awesome author (and fellow scribe within the 5 Prince Family of writers) DOUG SIMPSON is going to be on the air taking calls Monday, February 11, at 3 pm!!  Call this number to speak with him and ask your question!

(646) 595-4478


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Weekend Writing Warriors

This here is an eight-sentence snippet from A Heart at Home (An Everlasting Heart, #3) set to be released this June from 5 Prince Publishing. :-)


His eyes glued to her every move, Sanderson watched the mama wolf disappear into her den, just as before. A moment later, her gray head reappeared as another soldier galloped over the rise.

Sanderson’s heart leapt into his throat. Don’t run out in front of him, Mama Wolf! He leveled his rifle at the soldier and squeezed the trigger – click. Out of bullets.

Helpless, Sanderson could only watch as the scene before him unfolded as the desperate mother wolf dashed from the safety of her den back to the clump of grass that concealed her pups. For a moment, he thought the soldier hadn’t seen her.

If you liked this snippet, check out A Heart on Hold (Book 1, 5 Prince Publishing, August 2012) and A Heart Broken (Book 2, 5 Prince Publishing, January 2013) in An Everlasting Heart series by clicking here!

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Awesome Author Anna Kristnell

Come on over to my Awesome Authors page and meet romance novelist Anna Kristnell! 

We're talking about her new release, Unlikely Lovers!

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Awesome Author Carmen DeSousa

Where in the world is Carmen DeSousa? 

She's HERE! On my blog! And today, she is telling us about her best selling works AND her newest release THE DEPOT!

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Really Cool Family Stuff

Here is one of my promised relatives. What a story ... sound like Sanderson in A Heart on Hold? It should :-)

John Sherman Saunders served as a second lieutenant in Co. H, 61st Tennessee Mounted Infantry, also known as Pitts' Regiment and the 81st Tennessee Infantry.

He was captured by Union forces in Claiborne County, Tennessee on November 6, 1863, and was sent to the military prison at Louisville, Kentucky, where he arrived on November 14. From there, he was sent to Camp Chase, Ohio on November 17, 1863. He remained at Camp Chase until March 25, 1864, when he was sent to Fort Delaware, Delaware. The trip to Delaware took two days. There he remained until the end of the war, and was released upon his oath of allegiance to the United States on June 12, 1865.

At the time of his release, he was described as having a light complexion, dark hair, and blue eyes. He was 5'9" tall.John S. Saunders died May 31, 1906.
An obituary for Mr. Saunders appeared in the Grapevine Sun on June 2, 1906:

"SUDDEN DEATH. We know our people will regret to learn of the sudden death of Mr. John S. Sanders, which occurred last Thursday night about twelve o'clock of apoplexy. Just previous to his death a storm had come up and Mr. Sanders had made his way to his storm-house, and was found a few minutes later on the step unconscious. He was taken to the house, but never regained consciousness. 'Uncle Johnny," as he was called by his friends, came to this community about 35 years ago from Tennessee. He was about 70 years old at the time of his death, and was one of the most highly respected citizens of this community. A wife and four children, besides other relatives and a host of friends to mourn his sudden death. The Sun extends its sympathy to these sorrowing relatives and friends."

Married Margaret Neil STONE on November 22, 1865 in Claiborne County, Tennessee