Thursday, January 31, 2013

Geneaology, The Tudors, William Wallace, and the Stomach Bug

I bid you good morrow, oh gracious blog followers!

 Okay, maybe I should lay off the medieval movies for awhile. But seriously, is it just me or was the Tudors series completely addicting??  I can't seem to get my head out of the 1500's after watching it and have even began working on a Regency romance ... something I thought I'd never do!  And Braveheart ... oh don't get me started. That is one of my all time FaVoRiTe movies!

Check out William Wallace's sword ... this sucker is massive!!  From tip to handle, it is 5 feet 6 ... one inch shorter than me! AND weights six pounds. OUCH.

So to keep myself occupied while the Sydney Stomach Bug swept through our house, kicking butt and taking names, I began a family tree on  Ohhhhhh boy. I found some of the most INTERESTING STUFF.

First off, I was able to get all the way back to 510 AD on my dad's side. Along the way, I ran into two Revolutionary War soldiers, one of which had come over to the colonies after rising up against the Crown as a young man in the Jacobite Uprisings in 1745/1746 and was subsequently sold into white slavery. Then he fought and won independence with the other colonists in 1776... how awesome is that!!

Moving on down the line, I discovered a drummer from the War of 1812 and persons serving on both sides during the Civil War! One Confederate was taken as a POW to a prison in Delaware where he was kept until the end of the war, after which he swore allegiance to the United States and was released. WOWZA! Sound a little bit like what happened in A Heart on Hold?

Moving on ....
So apparently some of the earliest Mennonites were related to my daddy-o came over from Switzerland by way of Germany in the 1600's and settled in Pennsylvania and Ohio before spreading to West Virginia and Indiana! I will get some pictures up later of some of these people!
Most of the immigrants didn't come until the 1600's, making them some of the earliest Americans. Which is totally awesome! When they did come, they came from mostly Germany and England.



More to come on what happened across the pond later!  For now, I think it is time to do some updating on the other pages on this blog!!!

Toodle pip!

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