Saturday, March 26, 2016

WeWriWa - March 27, 2016 - Missi Wanderin' in the Woods

On last week's installment of Weekend Writing Warriors, we were in the throes of the Emergency Room excitement in Vicenza, Italy when the life of an unborn baby hung in the balance. Welcome to this eight-sentence snippet. To get back to the other Weekend Writers, click here!  

A favorite Italian restaurant, Il Fauno's -- wonderful waitstaff, great food, and
an American toilet!! 
After a quick, burning shot to stop the contractions and a tub of progesterone capsules to insert nightly, we were released. These people who didn’t even speak my language had just saved the life of my unborn child. “What did the doctor say before he left,” I asked our nurse as she walked us to the front doors of the hospital.
The view from the villa where we lived
The view from the other side of the villa
Our Texan kitchen in Italy
Her lips tilted into a half-smile. “He said Americans and their modesty . . . do they not understand that there is no modesty in life and death?”
I locked eyes with my husband and blinked back unwelcome tears 

as I remembered my nurse's words. No modesty in life and death.

wish I had asked her if dignity followed the same rule.

Our chilly villa where I was on bed rest for four weeks following the ER incident. 

April 14th -- the rebirth date of my debut novel, A Heart on Hold. Cover reveal time!!! 


  1. The doctor's comment was not only profound, it also characterized his culture.

    And about your cover -- looks great. Eye-catching and colourful. The woman is turning her back on the rebel flag and running toward the yankee soldier, who is putting away his sword. There's a lot of symbolism here.

    1. Thanks Ed, for stopping by and for your insightful comments! I absolutely love A Heart on Hold -- I wrote it when Jerry was in Afghanistan (after the Italy drama). All four books of the series will be released from Prairie Rose Publications starting in April! Happy Easter, my friend!

  2. Magnificent snippet so powerful it brought me back to those times. Love to you, my friend. The book cover is beautiful.

    1. Thank you Charmaine!! Love to you on this glorious Easter morning! <3

  3. Profound snippet! Hope things get better, at least for a while.

  4. There is no modesty, or dignity--or convenience. :-) Wonderful snippet, Sara. You really have a deep well from which to pull for inspiration. :-)

  5. I was very moved by the snippet today! I wish this character nothing but good and happiness.


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