Sunday, August 23, 2015

WeWriWa - August 23, 2015 - Missi Wanderin' in the Woods

Welcome back, sorry I'm running behind. Back to school has thrown my schedule askew. Popping back into the Italian hospital room . . . 

Several more people had wandered in and one even left the door propped with his foot.
I glanced at Charlie, nervous, feeling Italian eyes burning through my skin. This was more embarrassing than when I had to give a urine sample at the post clinic and, while trying to manage my four-year-old and two-year-old, wound up spilling the entire cup of pee in my pants. “Ask if I get a sheet,” I begged.

The nurse produced a piece of a sheet, wide as a wash cloth and long as about five of them. I wiggled out of my clothes as he tried to shield me with the sad excuse for a sheet. “I had no idea it would be like this.” Over the sheet, I watched as the nurse unfurled two giant metal stirrups from the end of the exam table; ones that resembled massive candy canes and, if I was looking at them right, my feet didn’t rest in them, but my legs went up and over them. A fleeting vision of King Henry VIII’s torture chamber popped into my mind. A deep cramp bent me over the table. 

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  1. Terrible situation to be in, the anxiety of it all would surely make the physical problems worse too. Vivid excerpt! I so feel for her....(you, right? Memoir?)

  2. Oh, I'm so glad I experienced my pregnancies and births in the USA. Oy! Bless your heart. :-)

  3. You survived to tell your story, Sara and what a tale it is. You're a wonder.

  4. I had my son in a military hospital, back in the 70's. Reminds me of that, but even worse! Ugh!


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