Friday, May 10, 2013

WeWriWa 8 sentences -- For Mom

Welcome to this Sunday's edition of Weekend Writing Warriors! This Sunday's snippet isn't from any works or works in progress, but is an eight-sentence tribute to my mom, Awesome Author Ann Swann on this Mother's Day.

Thirty years ago, you gave me life and have remained my true, constant, and sometimes only friend, advocate, confidante, and most recently, fan.
Through every twist and turn my life has taken so far, you have been there, without fail, to both raise me up happy times and pick up the shattered pieces when everything has fallen apart.  
Thank you for raising me in such a way that I know, with all my heart, I can count on you.
Tell you anything. 
Come to you with any problem, concern, or bit of joyful news.
I only hope that I am as good a daughter to you as you are mother to me.
Happy, happy Mother's Day to the most deserving mother out there.
I love you, Mom.

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  1. You're Ann's daughter? I guess the talent runs in the family. This is a lovely tribute, Sara!

  2. Aww, that's so sweet of you! Thanks so much, Missimoo. Happy Mother's Day to you--the best mother in the world!

  3. Very sweet! Happy Mother's Day!


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