Sunday, May 6, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

An excerpt from Chapter C of the children's book "THE ABC'S OF OKLAHOMA PLANTS"

     If you are out identifying plants only to find yourself disoriented next to a field of Compass plants, the first thing you do is have a seat under the monster sunflower-wannabes and enjoy a break in the shade.  Next, make a mental note to take a buddy flower-hunting with you next time, as another golden rule of the backcountry is to always go hiking in pairs.  Third, harvest some sap from the Compass plant and let it dry in the sun while you are waiting for somebody to find you.  You can chew this sap like gum and it will help pass the time. 
     If you are fairly confident that you can find your way back home before you would be missed, use

the north-south orientation of the Compass plant leaves to give you an idea of which way you should go.

Then, judge the amount of daylight left by holding four fingers of your hand up parallel with the horizon,

counting the number of fingers it takes to fill in the space between the horizon and the sun. 


  1. Very informative. I didn't know that about holding up your fingers against the horizon.


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