Friday, December 30, 2011

The Emergency Room

What is it about the holidays that make people -- well, us -- sick or injured?  Here we are, pre-New Year's Eve, and G.I. Joe is in the ER.  The same ER, mind you, that I was in just a few days ago on Christmas Day.  Oh yes, we got up, opened presents, had breakfast at IHOP, and came home ... only to have my beloved Acue Vue 2 Oaysis go AWOL in my right eye.  That sucker rolled up like a window shade and disappeared so far away that I couldn't even feel it.  So after a fruitless hour of one-eyed searching for the wayward lens, I drove myself to the Army hospital's ER with visions of contact-lenses-gone-rebel dancing in my head.  They successfully removed the said lens after some very creepy feeling numbing drops and 20 minutes of searching for it later.  So I went along my merry way.  The next day, Sun 2 took a nosedive into the edge of the nonworking electric fireplace and earned his first shiner.  Aside from a bruise and one frantic call to our beloved family doc later, he was no worse for wear and happily eating apples and watching Ni Hau Kai Lan. 

Now here we are, on the cusp of another holiday, and G.I. Joe develops symptoms much like appendicitis.  Well his parents came for the holiday, so I stayed home with Moon Princess and Sun's 1-3 (it was  wayyyyyy past their bedtime, anyway!) while they went to the hospital.  After ruling out anything appendix related, our conversation via text message went something like this:

"Well what in the world could that horrible pain be?"

"Doc says it's a hernia."

"How in the world did you get a hernia?"

"When the kids and I were playing yesterday, felt like something ripped."

Ahhh, that rang a bell.  I remember him mentioning that.

Now mind you, G.I. Joe has three combat deployments under his belt and two fistfulls of Purple Heart medals to show for them.  But it takes a 7, 5, and 2 year-old to bring him down.  Hooah! 

Is it wrong of me to be a bit wary of any more upcoming holidays?

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